What to Eat

 With Herbalife, we can still enjoy a fabulous social life, and whether we go out or stay in, we can enjoy our food!
Here are some SMART CHOICES:

TINY changes that make a BIG Difference
When ordering rice at an Indian restaurant, choose Basmati.
At home or when available, choose Brown Rice (or Basmati)
If ordering pasta at an Italian restaurant, choose Spaghetti.
If ordering at a Chinese restaurant, choose Noodles (not rice)
If ordering or making a sandwich, choose Wholemeal Bread. (NOT wholewheat or wheatmeal)
Bake and cook with Wholemeal Flour. (Avoid white flour)
At most restaurants, the chef will happily substitute Spaghetti as an alternative to potatoes if asked.
If you must eat potatoes, choose boiled new potatoes. (Avoid chips, mash, roast and crisps.)
Choose loads of other vegetables, the more colourful, the better.
If ordering an alcoholic drink, choose red wine. (Maximum 2 glasses.)
Drink loads of fresh tap water, or Thermo beverage if you prefer it hot.
If buying chocolate, choose dark 74% or higher – Kylie does!
Snack on protein and veggies: plain unsalted nuts (cashews, walnuts, peanuts),
cold chicken, tuna, sardines, cheese, celery, cucumber, carrots.
Choose Mineral Water instead of fizzy soft drinks.
AVOID cordials, ‘diet’ drinks and anything that has the word ‘drink’ in the name.
AVOID all sugar, anything made with sugar and avoid artificial sweeteners.
Fruit sugar is much better – so you can eat fruit (but go easy on bananas!)
AVOID anything made with white flour e.g. bread, pastry or pasta but wholemeal alternatives are fine.
Remember! The greatest nutritional scientists in the World have created the Herbalife Programme
to make it SAFE and EASY for you. Take it regularly - let it do the work! :)
If ever you feel hungry, have a shake with extra ProteinPowder or PDM (Protein Drink Mix) - Nothing could be easier.
We promise you that you will find these alternatives SO much tastier than those you are currently choosing. You will have MORE fun, and very quickly, you will be looking and feeling younger, stronger, fitter and more energetic!

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